BEIN Engineering product launch – Lay back and enjoy!

One of the most influential parameters in a submarine cable installation operation is the LAYBACK distance. This is the horizontal distance between the cable departure point of a Cable Lay Vessel and the cable’s touch down point on seabed.

Keeping control of the LAYBACK distance is important to prevent the submarine cable from overbending during installation. This is essential to maintain the cable integrity and its functionality.

Well-engineered equipment plays an important role when safely handling cable during production, storage, installation, and even during a cable repair operation.

BEIN Engineering has personnel with long experience from cable installation and repair, as well as planning, project implementation, and marine operations related to these activities.

Combining this knowledge with the skills of our team of engineers including mechanical-, electrical-, hydraulics- and automation engineering, and our great suppliers; BEIN Engineering has developed a range of cable handling equipment to suit customers need. BEIN Engineering is thrilled to announce that we in near future will launch our own brand and a new website for our cable handing equipment.

The name of the brand is LAYBACK and will present our in-house developed cable handling machinery and equipment including everything you need for a safe operation.

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