In many cases, electrification and an increased number of sea cables to distribute power and provide communication will require new innovative solutions. This is to ensure that the cables are installed in a safe and efficient manner that will keep them from destruction and help maintain their operational life. A harsh offshore and underwater environment, as well as underwater structures, can damage the cables during installation and during their operational life. In many cases, cables run from land or offshore installations into the sea through pipes and micro-tunnels.

BEIN Engineering has developed and supplied retrofitted diving and ROV-operated cable funnels, so-called Bellmouths, which are mounted on the end of such pipes to provide guidance and protection during retraction. Our funnels can be easily installed under water, even on pipes with an angle, and the funnels are held in place by integrated clamping brackets. The clamp can either be attached by a diver or, at greater depths, closed and tightened by an ROV.

Details printed as a scale model

A cap at the end of the funnel prevents marine growth to get inside the pipe. Water and oxygen are prevented from circulating and creating potential corrosion. A messenger wire is pulled through the pipe in advance and connected to the lid. The lid can easily be removed and pulled off together with the messenger wire at the time of cable installation. The radius of the funnel itself can prevent bending of the cable (depending on the selected material and strength) and it protects the cable from sharp edges during installation.

BEIN’s Bellmouth design can be easily adapted to different cable types, materials, water depths and operational requirements. Our engineers have ample experience with onshore and offshore projects and ensure tailor-made solutions, painless manufacturing and reliable installation.

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