Retrofit of BWT and EGC systems

A meeting with Goltens Oslo AS under Nor-Shipping 2019 led to an exciting collaboration where BEIN Engineering AS was tasked with designing the electrical part of a retrofit of scrubber and ballast water management systems.

Goltens is an established system integrator that supplies Exhaust Gas Cleaning (EGC) and Ballast Water Treatment (BWT) systems to ships. As a result of the new IMO rules for emissions, many ships had to retrofit scrubbers for cleaning exhaust by year-end 19/20. See more about IMO 2020 here. This has opened up a market with great potential and short delivery times. It is exactly this kind of challenge that is a match for BEIN Engineering.

BEIN met Goltens during the NOR-Shipping trade fair 2019 and arranged a meeting for a mutual presentation. Both companies are located close to each other at Alnabru / Brobekk in Oslo. What was supposed to be just a meeting to get to know each other, turned out to be the start of a project collaboration on retrofit of EGC and BWT systems on a bulk carrier for one of the Goltens’ end customers.

The task was to design the electrical system for BWT and EGC, which had to be installed as a retrofit on board the vessel belonging to one of Goltens’ customers. The job included electrical engineering calculations, designs and drawings. We calculated a new load balance as the basis for selecting new switches and cables for the installation.

  • Electrotechnical calculations, designs and drawings
  • Documentation
  • Classification and approval of retrofit

We also performed cable calculations, selectivity analysis and wrote documentation for the class and yard duties. The biggest challenge was that since this was a retrofit, we had little space for the components, so we had to be careful to find an optimal solution. We also drew diagrams and layouts for new boards and changes in MSB / ESB, Ship Interface, IO and E-stop stations for both systems (BWT and EGC).

For more information, please refer to one of the other Goltens Green Technologies projects on retrofit EGC and BWT system here.

This project has added further valuable experience to our expertise in vessel electro, and we have become acquainted with a local player in a highly relevant area.

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