ROV-operated Bellmouths installed

BEIN Engineering’s Bellmouths with ROV design have been installed at a subsea location. This design is easy to install and lock in place with the help of integrated clamps. A front cover prevents marine growth and potential corrosion, since water and oxygen are prevented from circulating.

The cover, which is connected to the preinstalled wire in the pipe, can be easily removed later. The inlet radius guides the cable and prevent it from being damaged by sharp edges.

We have previously delivered diver operated Bellmouths to Nexans. Our new Bellmouth design can be adapted to any project with various cable designs, for different sea depths and interfaces.

BEIN offers design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation related services. Our engineers have broad experience in onshore and offshore projects and ensure safe, high quality, properly priced and on time delivery

ROV Bellmouth


Here is a ROV video showing installation of some of our products. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel on YouTube:

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