Hard, but necessary…

In addition to the danger of an asteroid collision with Earth, that could lead to the immediate annihilation of our civilization and the threat of a war between the superpowers that could cause a huge number of refugees and reduce living standards to an absolute minimum, climate change is another concern threatening to bring a long and painful end to all humankind, unless consumption is reduced and enough of us dare to take the lead in developing new technologies and groundbreaking solutions.

After several years of high oil prices, many were discouraged when the markets experienced a huge blow in 2015. Before this happened, there was no real demand for more creative and effective solutions – it just didn’t seem necessary. Wages were high and the need for resources was the only thing we were focused on. This had resulted in the natural development of technology and skills in a number of companies being put on hold while the price of old technology and old products became abnormally high. Internal systems were left to grow out of proportion while systems had replaced our trust in the individual and their sense of responsibility.

BEIN Engineering was established in February 2016 as a reaction to all of this. The timing was perfect! The large, heavy and slow systems failed to adapt to the new environment quickly enough and were not prepared for change. Their only option was to lay off their workers. This created frustration, which in turn made the best employees leave their companies. This opened up for good opportunities. The idea behind creation of BEIN was simple: we should make our company stand out, and we shall use our expertise and experience where it is needed!

There are often two reasons why someone turns to design and engineering: either you are adept in real sciences which gives you an “easy way” to a good salary and a well regarded profession, or you have the inherent creativity and desire to make changes. Precisely the latter qualities had no outlet for manifesting themselves during recent years in the “oil industry”. However in 2016, BEIN Engineering had no other opportunities apart from the opportunities they could create for themselves! So, what did we have? Access to a group of talented, creative and hungry designers, engineers, and a sea of opportunities!

Innovation costs money, and it is not without risk. But still, it was necessary to overcome the challenges we and future generations face. While trying to reach the goals, some battles will be won and some of them lost. But it cannot be avoided.

BEIN Engineering has not been afraid to take on tasks that others has rejected: they simply did not dare to takethem on, either because of the time required or because of the complexity of the task. BEIN Engineering is not afraid to take a risk with our customers and partners to develop sustainable solutions for the future. In addition to being academically strong and having years of experience, our multidisciplinary team has chosen their professions because they have a burning desire to do something new and something different. Sometimes, they face a daunting task This can mean late evenings and nights. We must expect to face obstacles and get our hands dirty, as we work our way through unplowed fields.

Our market areas include electrification solutions, renewable energy, farming, offshore cable and land-based cable installations, industrial work, as well as research and development. Our team consists of 3D designers, project managers, mechanical engineers, marine engineers, cybernetics and electronics engineers.

We will not rest until we have earned the right to tell our kids that we have done everything we could!!!