The aquaculture industry is an important contributor to a sustainable future that will provide society with a nutritious and healthy diet. Here at BEIN, we have experience with the design and delivery of systems that are part of fish farms. Our key services are summarized below:

  • Analyses and calculations
  • Service

Here at BEIN, we have gained solid experience in land-based farms. We have designed and supplied mobile screen systems, separation grids, as well as systems for removal of dead fish and fish crowding. Throughout the entire process, from design to product delivery, we work closely with the customer to find the best possible solution in terms of fish welfare, HSE, evacuation in the event of emergency, dead fish removal, and fish crowding. We have primarily concentrated on land-based aquaculture plants (RAS plants), but using our solid knowledge of the ocean space, we can transfer this technology to floating plants. We can also assist with anchoring and mooring analyses and with strength calculations – something we are highly familiar with thanks to our work with offshore and subsea marine operations

Design and engineering

We can develop dead fish removal and fish crowding systems, whether mechanically driving or of a variety that uses the air-lift principle. We have developed concepts for fish crowding using manual and motorized drivers for movement in both vertical and horizontal directions

  • Manual or motorized operation
  • NS9415 and NS9416
  • CE marking

Our design and engineering skills allow for close and inspiring collaboration with the customer. Our goal is to always deliver the best possible solution for the customer. This means we identify unanticipated problems and develop unique solutions underway.

Our designs and deliveries can be carried out in accordance with NS9415 and NS9416, with associated CE marking where required. Working together with our preferred partners, we can provide the best possible solution for your system in such fields as plastics machining, plastics welding and metal production. Several of our partners have experience in supplying solutions to the aquaculture industry.

3D visualization

Here at BEIN, we have solid experience in delivering 3D visualizations, animations and interactive materials for fish farming, maritime, offshore and marine industries. Our key services are summarized below:

  • 3D modelling
  • Animation
  • Interactive materials and rapid prototyping

Here at BEIN, we strongly believe that modelling and 3D visualizations are an important tool for the aquaculture industry, as the response from our customers can demonstrate. Our customers are very pleased with the visualizations we have developed for marketing, application, documentation and training purposes. A well-executed model can help provide decision-makers with knowledge and ownership of the solution early in the design phase, and therefore become an important tool in the execution of their project. Furthermore, models can be used in an interactive comparison between different systems and components. With our rapid prototyping principle, solutions can then be quickly verified without making significant investment in their development.

Automation and electrification

Here at BEIN, we can provide electro-technical automation solutions and services for the aquaculture industry. We have ample experience in electrical and automation solutions and in providing electrification for the maritime, offshore and onshore industries. We offer the following services:

  • Control systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Electrification

Our experience in screen and crowder design, combined with our knowledge of electric drives and control makes BEIN a perfect partner for development of automated fish farms and processes. We aim to design solutions from a top-down (operator) perspective in order to achieve the most reliable and cost-effective product over the lifetime of the plant. By valuing the operator and the process in the early stages of engineering, a lasting solution can be obtained. Therefore, we like to establish control goals and design of the control station in collaboration with the customer, in order to deliver the best possible solution for the operator as well as the application.

Typical workflow for system design involves the development of a Single Line Diagram (SLD) and load profile in collaboration with the customer, as well as an application description. We can assist you in your projects by optimizing system design and topology, exemplary, in projects where space or heat exchange is crucial. We can further assist with the selection of components to optimize the entire process on the basis of our manual load and performance studies. If necessary, more detailed load analyses and simulations can be performed to further optimize the system. We can perform selectivity and load analyses, as well as appropriately documented calculations for cables and their connections. We work closely with various switchboard builders who possess solid experience in the design, production and service of marine power electrical systems.

BEIN as a company is passionate of our common future and sustainability. As a result, electrification solutions have been established as one of our main focus areas. With ever-increasing uncertainty in oil prices, pressure from legislators and climate change, we strongly believe in combining our knowledge in order to provide zero-emission electrical solutions as a solid alternative to fossil combustion engines. The workflow typically consists of identifying dynamic axes in the system and establishing a load profile in order to see the possible impact that electrification may have on energy consumption, purchasing and lifetime costs in your system.

Analyses and calculations

BEIN is an engineering company that performs various analyses and calculations in different degrees of detail, for and with customers in several challenging industries. Our current key services for the aquaculture industry are summarized below:

  • Dynamics, statics and strength calculations
  • Selection of materials
  • Mooring and anchoring analyses

Analyses and calculations are fundamental to the development of a fish farm that is safe and practical, and which utilizes the potential of the materials in a sensible way. Here at BEIN, we have experience with many different types of analyses and calculations. The workflow often begins with simple manual calculations to get an initial assessment of what will work and what will not. Furthermore, it is only natural fur us to employ powerful computer engineering tools for numerical modelling, simulation and analysis.

Here at BEIN, we have solid experience in marine operations, management, preparation and implementation, particularly with regards to offshore lifting. Contact us today, and together we can discover which services are needed to realize your project.


BEIN has engineers with solid experience in servicing fields related to marine industries. Our key services are summarized below:

  • Management, preparation and execution of operations
  • Mechanical service
  • Electrical and control systems

We can provide services for floating installations, open and closed, as well as for land-based facilities. Our engineers have the necessary skills and certificates to perform service work both onshore and on land.

We can typically assist with preparation and management during offshore lifting and installation operations. Furthermore, we can provide preparation and management services during repair projects on mechanical and electrical systems. This includes trouble shooting and documentation as a third party in connection with any complaints/claims. We also undertake the servicing, maintenance and commissioning of our own control system, drives and frequency converters. For electrical works, our preferred partner can perform most low voltage operations all over the world. Contact us today and together we will get your plant operational again