BEIN assists a number of companies and individuals in visualizing technical solutions, helping them to put their message across when selling ideas and concepts to customers and other interested parties. This is often used in connection with application processes to get financial support for development projects.

  • Visualization of technical solutions for sales purposes.
  • Technical assistance in investigating whether a concept is feasible or not before something is implemented or tested (technical drawings, calculations and functional descriptions).

  • Construction and testing of prototypes.
  • Reverse engineering to establish technical documentation after the construction and testing of prototypes.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of technical solutions within mechanics, structure and materials, we are able to combine our knowledge as experienced engineers with our eye for details, esthetics and what tools and methods are most suitable in order to make ideas and concepts easily marketable. – If it looks good, then it often is!

Our programmers within electronics, drives and control systems can build technically complex solutions for testing purposes and finished products and truly set things in motion.

By combining the above knowledge and skills, we can investigate whether a concept is feasible or not at an early stage – well before anything needs to be made and/or tested. Depending on the size and complexity of the concept, this is often the most cost-effective process, although sometimes the right place to start is with a physical prototype that can undergo testing.

Through reverse engineering, we can start with a physical model and work our way back to the drawing board in order to create documentation. This can also occur in the form of 3D scanning of models so that we can quickly get a 3D model to work further with. We deliver 3D printed models and can also build functional prototypes at scale. We also have access to test facilities for various purposes.

Some common denominators for everyone at BEIN are that we are curious and have creative zest. Thanks to excellent collaboration skills and experienced staff, we can help you move forward in bringing your ideas to life.

From the very beginning, BEIN has been developing good contacts within advanced research environments. We have provided several studies for neutron research facilities, among other things. We have experienced challenges where our creativity and knowledge have been put to the test, but our internal processes and ability to adapt, combined with our experiences from a number of similar technical challenges in other industries, have produced good results. Among other things, we have developed concepts for the remote-controlled replacement of filters where radioactive waste from research projects has resulted in a need for unmanned handling processes. Parallels can also be drawn with our offshore and subsea experience, where we use underwater robots with specially adapted tools in challenging environments.


Within the same industry, we have also developed specially adapted designs for ultra-high vacuum sealing, as well as systems that provide shielding from radioactive processes. Using our contacts with experts in the latter field, we can also perform shielding analyses.

Electrification solutions is an area in growth, and in which BEIN has ample knowledge and experience. This is a focus area for us and it is a field in which our engineers can contribute visualizations, technical documentation, 3D modelling and drawings, calculations and analyses, prototype construction, testing and manufacturing.

No challenge is too great, so get in touch for a commitment-free chat. BEIN is well accustomed to working in confidential conditions and on projects that are subject to an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) As a customer, this gives you the assurance that your ideas and concepts will not be disclosed without your consent.