3D visualization is all about using available data and present an understandable picture of every stage of a project. In many industries, such as real estate development, oil, gas, energy, and the offshore market, there are always many benefits of using 3D visualization.

  • We have more than 20 years of experience with 3D visualization
  • The final output can be animated films, manuals, posters, exhibition stands, interactive 3D, VR (Virtual Reality) and 3D printed models

Many benefits and possibilities

Compared to 2D and text, there are many benefits of using 3D visualization. 3D visualization is perfect for presenting projects and products and projects with complex features which are difficult or even impossible to photograph. Often they only exists as an idea on the drawing board.

Using visualization on a project in the concept stage is smart. There, you can experiment, explore and analyze an idea early before you move on to the next stage. This is also frequently used in connection with sales, tenders and marketing to get the message across more clearly.

Once a 3D model has been established and optimized, it can be used for many different things. It can be placed and rendered in a photo-realistic glossy environment, or rendered as stylized technical illustrations for manuals, presentations and product descriptions.

Other outputs can be animated films, manuals, posters, exhibition stands, interactive 3D, Virtual Reality presentations (VR), or physical 3D printed models. We have more than 20 years’ experience with the 3D visualization of small and large projects in many different industries and can with confidence say that an animated film or a good illustration say more than 1000 words!

Technical visualization

The combination of technical visualization and engineering works well together. As an engineering company, we are experts in building 3D models from scratch – perhaps from a sketch on a serviette – and present it as something functional. We have a high-level of technical understanding and long experience from industries such as the oil industry, including knowledge of the industry’s terminology, techniques and working methodology.

We also use existing CAD models from well-known software such as Inventor, Revit, and Solidworks. The models are imported into our animation software, optimized and animated into explanatory videos.

Even before a project is started, 3D viz can be used as a very beneficial tool for selling and get the right funding. It will help you get started quickly, early eliminate mistakes, and even save money. In project where 3D visualizations is implemented from start to finish, we see a very cost-effective way of working compared to traditional methods. We have all the necessary softwares, know-how and tools that allow a small team to achieve a lot, where previously large companies were needed.

Example of two animations:

Example of a concept animation
Our own Bellmouth project visualized

Deck-layouts and operational procedures

Tasks such as planning new deck layouts on existing and brand new offshore vessels can be performed by us quickly and easily with the help of our visualization program. The same applies to layouts of oil fields on the seabed and in other complex planning tasks. 3D components can be easily moved around in the scene until the best position is found.

We can also increase understanding of text-based operational procedures with good illustrations. Sometimes we animate a sequel of events in pictures – this is what we often refer to as sequence images.

Interior visualization and real estate development

We have experience with many different softwares and rendering software to generate sharp animations and nice still images of new buildings and construction projects. We often generate walk-through animations of interiors which are useful for both marketing and getting to know the new building.

How we work with 3d viz

One of the main differences between CAD and 3D viz is the speed. We create 3D models much faster than in a traditional CAD software package. We can also quickly rig elements, customize and animate for testing.

The materials and documentation we receive prior to a new job varies a lot. Often it is a mix between and oral idea to photographs, sketches or a simple Sketchup 3D model. No matter what it is, we can process it in our program, rebuild and make something awesome. If some parts are missing or needed for detailing, we will model it up ourselves. This is a challenge we readily accept.

When the model i complete, we add colors and materials, adjust the lighting and camera paths. Then we render the final illustration or animation before further processing in a post-processing software. We also collaborate with a professional sound studio that can provide music and voice-over if desired. All this helps to enhance understanding and get the customer’s message across.

Often, projects start out small and expand as new needs arise.

Contact us for a chat about 3D modelling and animation, and find out how we can meet your needs within your timeframe and budget. Only your imagination sets the limits, and almost anything can be achieved!