We at BEIN have extensive experience within the offshore oil and gas industry, and we are proud of our internal multidisciplinary expertise which we have built up in this sector over several decades. Our dynamic employees look forward to new challenges with the development of increasingly efficient and secure solutions and see the value in sharing knowledge across the disciplines we master. Projects for smaller companies in the industry are characterized by a compressed timeframe, and require fast and efficient processes to reach their deadlines. This is part of our everyday lives. Some of our core skills are summarized below:

  • Marine operations
  • Offshore lifting operations
  • Feasibility study/FEED study
  • Design, engineering, testing and deliveries of cable handling equipment, umbilicals and risers/riser ducts.
  • 3D visualization (still images and animations) of marine operations, technical solutions and equipment/structures
  • Design and delivery of subsea protective structures
  • Design, engineering, testing and deliveries of ROV tools

With our experience and understanding of customer needs, BEIN might well be the optimal supplier of services for your demanding projects. Many of us have previously worked for larger companies which work primarily for installations on the Norwegian continental shelf but also in the Middle-East and Africa. We know good technical solutions can save valuable operation time and vessel days. Here are some of our core skills:

  • 3D modelling of technical solutions
  • Preparation of design and manufacturing drawings
  • Mechanical designs, including hydraulic equipment
  • Dynamic analyses (Orcaflex analyses)
  • Electrical power, control and communication
  • Calculations of structures
  • Equipment associated with pipe systems
  • Other activities related to installations, such as various engineering tasks, lift plans, procedure writing, etc.

During design processes in our work, we are focused on being able to use tools for analysis of errors, their potential effects and criticality. We can apply well-known methods for studying problems that may arise due to individual errors in technical systems. Analyzing the criticality of the error effects, we use a method which involves quantitative failure analysis, and which is known as Failure mode, effects and criticality analysis (FMECA). The goal is to detect errors and / or weaknesses in design and methodology at an early stage, which can be rectified by using measures required to avoid the negative consequences in the future operations.

We at BEIN have solid experience with projects in the oil and gas industry where time is critical. Our internal systems are built up to ensure the efficiency of all processes. Our ISO 9001 certified quality assurance system and our HSE system are no exception, without compromising the quality of the systems under evaluation.

Some of the products we have experience with are:

  • Riser clamps
  • Umbilical clamps
  • Bellmouths
  • PLET
  • PLEM
  • Chutes
  • Reels
  • Cable baskets
  • Lay spreads
  • Lifting equipment
  • ROV tools
  • Deflectors
  • Pressure equipment
  • Pressure tanks and pipes for pressure testing
  • Pig launchers
  • Pig receivers
  • Protection structures for subsea applications
  • Components of polyurethane and other polymers
  • Other

Contact BEIN today, and together we will find out how we can contribute our experience and multidisciplinary expertise to realize your project.