BEIN Engineering is a forward-looking company that places innovation and community at heart. Carbon footprint and energy-efficient solutions are therefore always natural factors in our design process. In a constantly changing world we are committed to deliver solutions that last. Our key skills are summarized below:

  • Energy storage, energy harvesting and peak shaving
  • Research and development projects: Visualizations, design and engineering studies

There is a clear trend in the markets showing an increased focus on carbon footprint, and one of BEINs most important goals is contributing to a sustainable future. Renewable energy sources exist in many forms, and they all provide a continuous energy supply that is not used up over time. Together with the customer, we will assess various energy efficiency measures and the introduction of renewable energy sources in order to carry out the process at hand without adversely affecting the environment. We assist in design and engineering development projects to reveal opportunities and limitations at an early stage. We generate 3D visualizations in the form of still images and audiovisual animations (with music and voice over) of concepts and ideas to be used in marketing materials, technical illustrations/descriptions and application processes for adequate presentation to investors or other stakeholders.

Offshore wind

BEIN has accumulated solid experience with services for the offshore sector and with electrification solutions for the marine industry. We have good relations with a major player in the offshore wind sector and provide services within marine operations, both for development projects and maintenance. Using our experience in such a demanding industry, we will continue working closely with our customers in order to ensure excellent solutions and time-efficient operations.


In many projects, it will often be beneficial to manipulate dynamic axes, in order to optimize the system. With electrical drives, the regenerative energy can easily be utilized or stored in dedicated systems, such as batteries. By introducing smart control of components in combination with regenerative drives, energy storage systems and zero emission energy production, fuel consumption can be reduced if not eliminated entirely. Our energy optimized solutions can greatly reduce lifetime and service cost for your machine or plant.

Energy storage, energy harvesting and peak shaving

With our preferred supplier of switchboards and energy storage systems, BEIN can offer solutions and products that are optimized for your project. We can design solutions for the application closely with the customer. Our designs utilize smart network of components in order to significantly reduce energy consumption. Where appropriate, energy storage can be integrated with energy harvesting systems to further increase efficiency. Peak shaving is a smart approach to the management of energy storage, harvesting and regenerative drive technology, which prepares the system to supply the demanded energy under particularly intensive periods and reduce the power consumption from the grid during periods of high electricity rates.


We have assisted customers in the planning of larger plants for the refinement of timber to be further used as an alternative to fossil fuels in power stations. 3D visualizations have been used to quickly create presentation materials for selling technical solutions and for checking interfaces. Layout drawings have been prepared in connection with plant planning. The dimensioning and design of equipment and its components, such as pressure tanks, has been carried out by BEINs experienced senior personnel.