Through several years of cooperation with the National Theatre, Norwegian Touring Theatre and the Norwegian Theatre, BEIN has developed expertise within the industry and stagecraft. BEIN has provided assistance to theatres in everything from extensive drawing and construction work through to calculations and analyses for larger structures on stage. This helps to streamline the building process, facilitate the preparation process and not least, ensure the safety of actors and crew. We work with technical documentation and risk assessments on a daily basis. We perform a significant part of the HSE work. We are familiar with the Machinery Directive and several other relevant industry standards.

  • Project management
  • Preparation of specific procedures and instructions.
  • Strength calculations
  • Follow-up of manufacturing and construction processes.
  • Assistance in electrical, management and control operations (PLS and other systems)
  • Delivery of 3D visualizations (animations and still images), as well as VR models

BEIN’s designers and engineers have extensive experience in complex technical lifting operations and can assist with calculations and documentation requirements in this context. We often see a lot of focus being placed on ensuring that lifting equipment such as shackles, steel ropes, chains, hoists, winches, loading straps, fiber straps and similar are certified, while it is forgotten that the suspension points of suspended loads, surrounding structures and joints also need to be checked and documented in accordance with applicable laws and standards. Work on stages is often done beneath a suspended load. This is something that is considered unacceptable in other industries, and so it is especially important to adopt measures that can reduce the risk involved.


BEIN has engineers and designers who can assist in the execution of stagecraft projects and tasks Read about our involvement during the opening ceremony for new indoor ski resort SNØ here.

Project implementation

BEIN can help with the implementation of large and small projects, and we also can help with:

  • Project management, planning and administration; for example as part of the technical work involved in scenography.
  • Preparation of specific procedures and instructions. For example, for the assembly of scenography intended for touring theatres where requirements on weight and transport space are critical.
  • Strength calculations (structural analysis, bolted connections, lifting calculations, and the like)
  • Follow-up of manufacturing and construction processes.
  • Assistance in design and preparation of technical drawings.
  • Provision of manufacturing through external partners.
  • Assistance in electrical, management and control operations (PLS and other systems)
  • Delivery of 3D printed models/components.
  • Delivery of 3D visualizations (animations and still images), as well as VR models. We also have our own VR equipment and can arrange for a design review in VR on our own premises.
  • We offer 3D scanning of models, stage areas and other things that can be implemented in other projects. This technology can be particularly helpful if you want to scale up smaller models or perform interface checks on 3D models of the scenery against actual scene areas, all before anything physical is actually produced.
  • Assistance with necessary CE marking and other certifications.

Visualization and VR services

BEIN has completed a number of visualization assignments in the field of scenography and provided corresponding technical solutions. We also provide VR services. These tools are especially useful when building larger scenography sets. This technology can give you a good impression of size, height and sight lines at an early stage of design – before anything physical is built.

Snømaskin for sceneteknikk


We can supply products, structures, machines and other equipment in plastic, steel, aluminum and fiberglass (GRP) from our partners in Norway and abroad. Our employees assist you in the coordination of work, the follow-up of manufacturing, any measurements needed, and with quality assurance of the finished product. All depending on the needs and preferences of the customer. We also arrange files for milling and thread cutting in polystyrene (e.g. Styrofoam), plywood and other materials. We also have good contacts and experience with water cutting, laser cutting and other CNC-controlled manufacturing methods. We can produce simpler models using our own in-house 3D printers, and we can also provide larger and more detailed models with the help of our external partners.

Stagecraft equipment

BEIN har også erfaring med design, konstruksjon og fabrikasjon (EPC) av strukturer i aluminium og stål, spesialmaskiner, løfteutstyr, og hjelpemidler til scene og lys. Typiske hjelpemidler BEIN kan levere er;

Mechanical solutions

BEIN has experience in the design and manufacturing of specially adapted machines, lifting equipment and other moving parts. For example, BEIN has provided solutions for sand-drops, snow machines, light rails and foldable wheels – to name just a few things for use on stage. We are hands-on and have easy access to smaller and larger mechanical workshops and facilities for prototype building and testing.

Larger and smaller constructions

Within the field of stagecraft, it is not uncommon to use larger and more complex constructions where it is worthwhile spending some extra checking the scenography interface against the stage areas before anything is actually built. This is needed to avoid the consequences of something becoming too big or heavy for the stage, or for storage, transport or similar. Together with our partners, we can also offer 3D scanning of models and stage areas. The 3D scanned files can be post-processed by BEIN and used in conjunction with scenography models for interface checks, control of sight lines, and more. BEIN offers to perform and document structural calculations to ensure that both larger and smaller structures can withstand their use in any reasonably expected conditions, even before they are built.

Automation and electrification

BEIN has good experience in customizing electrical and control systems based on the rapid prototyping principle. Whether your project requires a fast and easy controller and driver for a DC motor, or complex systems for controlling and operating light, sound or mechanics, BEIN can help you find the best possible solution.