Most BEIN Engineering projects involve or include manufacturing. Either in connection with EPC deliveries (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) or related to design and construction work performed for the customer. Through decades of experience within the offshore and onshore industries, we have established a broad contact network of suppliers within manufacturing, of various types:

  • Steel production, welded, casted and machined structures/components.
  • Woodworking, CNC-controlled cutting processes.
  • Plastic manufacturing, welded, casted and machined structures/components.
  • 3D milling, 3D water jet cutting, and 3D printing in various materials.

In addition to the aforementioned areas, we also have a wide network of manufacturers and suppliers within many other areas, as mentioned below. Our broad contact network of different manufacturers in different disciplines and specialized fields means that we can choose freely among the manufacturing companies that can best satisfy your needs. The criteria for choosing a manufacturer will always be a balance between delivery time, quality and price. The priority given to these factors in a custom delivery will also be crucial when selecting a manufacturer. The engineers at BEIN know many manufacturers both in Norway and abroad, giving us great flexibility when it comes to all of these criteria.

  • Aluminum production, welded, casted, machined structures/components.
  • Production of stainless and acid resistant metals, welded, casted, machined structures/components
  • Polystyrene wire cutting and model building
  • Manufacture of pressure vessels and pressure equipment
  • CNC laser, plasma, water-jetted structures and components
  • Precise machining of hydraulic components, gears and more
  • Sheet metal processing, CNC bending and rolling,
  • Switchboard building
  • Composite fiber glass and carbon fiber
  • Vacuum forming
  • Extrusion of aluminum and plastic
  • Injection molding and rotational molding of plastic materials
  • Molding of rubber parts

We have experience with large and small constructions in several industries and where requirements for precision and technical documentation vary. Our jobs often require us to use a combination of different suppliers. In BEIN, we combine everything and take responsibility for the entire manufacturing process and follow-up, as well as its testing and not least by providing assistance with certification (CE marking) and preparing final documentation. Combining design, engineering and purchasing/procurement, we can offer total solutions and so-called EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) deliveries. Our customers can then administer their procurement with minimal risk and interface systems. The result is a complete product of which BEIN is the sole responsible supplier. These processes often require the participation of a third party and, in some cases, the involvement of a technical notified body as well. This is in accordance with Norwegian law. It can be realted to the design, engineering, testing and manufacturing of load-bearing steel and aluminum components, lifting equipment and pressure-applied equipment, such as pressure vessels and pipe systems.

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In connection with our design and construction work, we also establish a production base for the manufacturers in proximity with our customers. This means that we develop technical/manufacturing drawings with associated production specifications. Typically this implies:

  • Manufacturing standards
  • Material grades and material certificates
  • Requirements for surface roughness
  • Requirements for tolerances
  • Specification for surface treatment (coating and painting)
  • Corrosion protection – specification of cathodic protection/anode calculations
  • Color selection (often important in for structures intended for underwater/subsea use)
  • Technical specifications for welding; Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS), Welding Performance Qualifications (WPQ), as well as Non-Destructive Examinations (NDE) and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).
  • Lubrication and the securing of fasteners (bolts, etc.)

Different industries place different demands on the manufacturing process. Typically, this entails requirements for cleanliness and hygiene in the production of equipment and structures used in the food processing industry, or for equipment used in research (e.g. pressure and vacuum systems, where stringent requirements for sealing entail tough demands for manufacturing and technical documentation), and also for the manufacture of equipment for particularly corrosive environments. For example, in this context it is important to ensure good dispersion between the manufacture of black and white steel.

BEIN works independently of the industry and knows several requirements as well as industry-specific standards that are applicable to ensure quality on all levels. Our quality assurance system are ISO 9001 certified, and we select our subcontractors based on their experiences/preferences and their suitability for the specific project. Typical industries where we can provide manufacturing services together with our subcontractors, are:

  • Offshore (for vessels and platforms (topside))
  • Onshore (different industries)
  • Subsea (ROV and diving equipment)
  • Fish farming (onshore and offshore)
  • Oil and gas
  • Renewable energies
  • Stage technology
  • Offshore wind
  • Jet fuel/aviation fuel
  • Cable installation
  • Research and development
  • Automation
  • Electrically powered and controlled equipment

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These are typical design engineering and manufacturing-specific regulations based on laws and standards with which is well known to BEIN:

  • Machine regulations/regulations for machinery
  • Regulations for pressure equipment/pressure equipment directive
  • ISO
  • NS
  • EN
  • Eurocode
  • BS
  • DNV
  • API
  • ASME
  • ANSI
  • DIN
  • SS Swedish Standard
  • SIS – CWA