Interactive solutions go a step beyond ordinary 3D visualizations. It is a digital experience in three-dimensional environments which the user can interact with and influence in real time and have full control over the perspective and movement.

Interactive solutions go beyond ordinary 3D visualization by creating user-friendly presentations, which provide a clearer understanding of projects at all stages of development. In this virtual world, one can not only see, but also interact with the project. Users can experiment with different scenarios, which provides a more hands-on experience. Interactive solutions create engagement, making it easier to understand and communicate complex ideas.

In the concept phase, you can freely navigate, experiment, and analyze ideas before taking the next step. This is also effective in sales and marketing. It helps you to clearly communicate the product or project, while the interactivity promotes engagement.

By controlling the model in a virtual environment, viewing it from different angles and testing different scenarios, it allows a wide range of applications, from training modules and step-by-step demonstrations to detailed product visualizations.

Other applications may include detailed product and project reviews, training modules, as well as virtual reality that allows full immersion in the project. An interactive solution is not only about informing; it is also about creating understanding through engagement, where the user takes control of the experience.


In cooperation with you the customer, we will get an overview of what you want to show, what kind of functionality you want to emphasize, and the usage scenarios (for example trade fair presentation, sales, or explaining a technical concept). Based on this, we will work together to make a storyboard. But because this is not a linear film from A to Z, the process will be somewhat different than making a traditional storyboard. We will decide how the virtual world will look, which areas are of interest and how much control we give the user. Should he or she have free rein, or be closely guided? Should it be possible to retrieve graphs and information? How will the user exert influence on the environment?

Sound complicated? Fortunately for you, we at Bein Engineering have the experience to guide you through the process. We can demonstrate various solutions that give you a taste of what to expect. As an engineering company, we have a natural understanding of various technical devices, which makes the whole process easier for you as a customer.

When a storyboard has been set, we look at the basis you already have. It can be simple sketches or full 3D models from your CAD software. We build what is missing and prepare the models for the functionality they should have.

We then begin to build the interactive solution. During the process, we will show you drafts so that you can provide input and ideas. You know your own product and market best, so here you play an important role.

When the product is finished, you will receive a program file that you can use and distribute. We also provide support for web publishing, for example for your website.

The technology

The technology is based on a game engine, which is a tool usually used to create computer games. The game engine gives us the ability to program almost any type of functionality. In addition, we have developed a separate system that is adapted to our field and working method. This system reduces much of the programming work that’s normally associated with making products like this, which helps to keep costs and time consumption down.

The solution can be controlled with various tools as desired: mouse and keyboard, hand-held presentation pointer, gamepad, touchscreen, or VR.