At some point in a project, there often arise a demand for manipulation of dynamic axes, in order to optimize the system behavior. Reduction of dynamic loads on a cable subject to waves, or reduction of fuel consumption of a vessel in acceleration, are both examples of such systems that can benefit from active manipulation of one or more axes. Several market segments can benefit from lower power consumption and increased lifespan introduced by electrification.

  • Engineering of control systems with or without motion
  • Consultant services and engineering of electrification solutions

The advantages of electrification

There are many ways your project can benefit from applying different principles of electrification. Electrification is especially beneficial to traditionally hydraulically or combustion engine actuated smaller plants that drives a mechanical process. By electric actuation of a dynamic axis, the system can benefit from faster response and direct control of position, velocity and force, while lowering the power consumption and removing the need of harmful chemicals altogether. You will experience a drastically reduced maintenance cost as there are virtually no moving parts in a electrically actuated plant. The components are module based and extremely easy to monitor, maintained and replace. With the state-of-the-art condition monitoring systems available on the market today, predicative and scheduled maintenance can reduce time and cost even further.

There are virtually no plants that can’t be electrified, but typically the cost to benefit ratio will favor applications where the applied torque is less than 6 ton meters. Plants that are designed for electric operation from the get go will experience the greatest increase in efficiency compared to similar traditional plants. No plants or applications are to small to be electrically actuated.

New opportunities through actuation

Mechanical systems that are actuated by electrical motors and drives can be implemented in a control system driven by a microcontroller. Different types of electrical motors are usually optimized for a specific mode of operation, and enjoy fast response, direct control of position, velocity and torque. Electrical drives contain a processing unit that is programmable to some extent, and can be incorporated in a global control system. A plant global control system opens new opportunities for optimization of processes and maintenance, as well as for advanced kinematics that previously have been impossible under traditional actuation methods. In addition, the high tier drive units include advanced built in safety functions and regenerative opportunities. Regenerative drive units can store excess energy from the plant in a battery bank for peak shaving or powering of other utilities.


The combination of electrical actuators, advanced kinematics and programming opens new opportunities for the mechanical systems of the future. Cybernetics is an engineering discipline that covers several popular media terms, such as robotics, artificial intelligence etc. BEIN Engineering takes great pride in their knowledge of and experience in application of control systems in marine applications. BEIN can deliver PLC’s, IPC’s and microcontrollers that aid the realization of your project, in combination with our concepts for electric operation. BEIN has experienced partners for electro technical installations and fabrication.


BEIN Engineering has all the right tools available to tailor mechanics, dynamics, electrics and controls into a complete system ready for operation. Typically BEIN delivers a program hierarchy in block diagrams or sequential flow chart during the engineering phase of the project for approval. If desirable, BEIN can provide interactive simulation and visualization during the design phase, and you will be able to experience the system before any hardware is even ordered. A combination of 3D printing components and bread board electronics, BEIN can provide rapid prototyping and Hardware In Loop (HIL) testing.

The next phase will typically be to carefully study the technical aspects of the project, in order to ensure a satisfying result.

The last phase of the project will typically testing and verification of the system. BEIN can assist on start up and tuning of drives, in order to ensure optimized operations of the plant. BEIN has solid experience in field troubleshooting of drives, control systems and electrics.