3D visualization combined with voiceover = good presentation

3D visualization combined with video and audio is a great way to present products, projects, companies and ideas. It is much easier for an audience to understand a concept by watching a video, instead of reading lots of text. Especially in the engineering industry, it can be a problem to explain difficult concepts to decisionmakers in a simple way. 3D animation and video can be used as a tool in all areas where you need to bring out a clear message.

We have many years of experience with 3D animation which is a great way to grab an audience’s attention on websites or in advertisements on YouTube.

Above, you see a general presentation of our own product and design – the Bellmouth. This video is a mix of quick real-time 3D rendering, traditional animation, video, audio and voiceover. We collaborate with Nr.14 who helped us with professional sound equipment and sounding for this production.