Finally, we have SNØ in Lørenskog

As one of the leading event and adventure agencies in Norway, Gyro produced the opening ceremony for the new indoor ski resort SNØ in Lørenskog in January this year. With 55 athletes performing in a total of 19 winter activities, this was a spectacular show.

Watch the wonderful video from the show further down the page.

In an otherwise snowy month of January, BEIN Engineering had the pleasure of contributing a unique electromechanical stagecraft solution that needed to withstand the subzero temperatures and conditions in the hall.

The ceremony produced by Gyro included the use of large parts of the facility, and the stage was centrally located on one of the slopes. A larger grandstand was built at the bottom of the slope to accommodate approximately 750 guests consisting of investors, politicians, well-known sports personalities from Ski-Norway, and others.

During the ceremony, the performers placed candles to form a large horizontal sign in the shape of the SNØ logo. It was then tilted into a standing position, using a technical solution provided by BEIN.

The event was naturally covered by the local newspaper Romerikes Blad, so you can see more pictures here and here (subscription required).

Short time and tight budget

“This was naturally a job we simply had to take on!” An interesting stagecraft solution that includes electrical and mechanical systems. Two disciplines and a market in which BEIN has ample experience,” says Håkon Benterud, CEO of BEIN Engineering. “Even when we heard the job was to be done in a short time and for a new customer, in our home-turf of Lørenskog no less, we were in no doubt that we simply needed to roll up our sleeves and get the job done,” he adds.

Read more about BEIN Engineering and stagecraft here

The ski resort itself is located right on the border between Lørenskog and Oslo, close to Lørenskog Station. The building is inspired by and designed to look like a glacier. The cold part of SNØ houses slopes for all levels – from beginner to professional. The cross-country trail is varied and hilly. See more about this facility here:

Video fra åpningen

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